Mythic Series
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Getting Started

How to install and configure your new setup.

How do I get started?

Follow this Video Tutorial for how to install your setup, or follow the guide below.
Mythic Survival is native 1.19.3. We charge $9.99 to install the setup for you, or $19.99 for installation and personalization.

Video Tutorial


Written Hosting Instructions. (Based on

If your options aren't exactly like mine this is because you are purchasing hosting through someone else. You may either change to our hosting or contact your host for support on getting connected with Filezilla.
  • Download the setup to your computer.
  • Extract the files.
  • Connect to your server through FileZilla
    1. 1.
      Login to your server on the panel
    2. 2.
      Choose Settings
    3. 3.
      Download Filezilla
    4. 4.
      Open Filezilla
    5. 5.
      Click Site Manager
    6. 6.
      Click New Site
    7. 7.
      Set server information as follows:
      1. 1.
        Protocol: SFTP
      2. 2.
        Host: Server Address (From the Panel under Settings)
      3. 3.
        User: Username (From the Panel under Settings)
      4. 4.
        Password: Panel password
    8. 8.
      Click Connect.
  • Drag all files from the folder "Server Files", into your base directory (Not inside any folders)
  • Download Citizens and place the .jar in the "/Plugins" folder of your server.
  • Download McMMO and place the .jar in the "Plugins" folder of your server.
  • Download SimplePets and place the .jar in the "Plugins" folder of your server.
  • Start your server.